Sunday, April 29, 2018

Dr. Praegers Black Bean Chipotle Pollock Burgers -- product review

*Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are completely mine though.

Unlike the last product that I reviewed for the MyMagazineSharingNetwork (Ripple Greek Yogurt Alternative -- bad, just bad), Dr. Praeger's Black Bean Chipotle Pollock Burgers were super yummy. I was skeptical before I even tried this product. It seems like, for myself at least, frozen seafood product can be a hit or a miss. I like fish and I am trying to eat more of it on a regular basis because it is so good for you. I have tried some other fish "burgers" in the past though and have been disappointed in them. So, when I tried these, I was pleasantly surprised. In fact I scarfed down my whole burger, and not just because I was hungry. It was that good!

Now, I haven't tried any of the other products from Dr. Praeger's, so I can't tell you they are all good. But, based on the Black Bean Chipolte Burgers I would be more than willing to try more of the products. They have other good things going for them besides the great taste though, such as: sustainably caught fish, several gluten free products, good for you ingredients, individual packaging for the burgers, and the list goes on. I would highly recommend Dr. Praeger's products.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ripple -- product review

*Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this product in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed are all mine.

Thanks to the MyMagazine Sharing Network I have had the opportunity to try and review a lot of great product. And then there was this one. This product review is for Ripple Greek Yogurt Alternative. This may be my first not so positive review.

Fist off, I love Greek yogurt. I eat it often. Ripple Greek Yogurt Alternative is a little different though. Here is a quick overview of the product. It is dairy free (great for people with dairy issues), it has plant based protein (vegan friendly), gluten free, and has the same benefits of Greek yogurt. Those things are all great if you need that in your diet. I however do not require any of those.

Here is the down side (in my opinion at least.) The taste is terrible. Pea protein is the main plant based protein that is used, and you can taste it. This tasted like peas mixed with yogurt. It was not good at all and it let a very unpleasant aftertaste. I tried both the vanilla and strawberry flavor and could not eat a whole container of either one. I tried several bites of the vanilla and just one of the strawberry. I just could not get past the taste.  Ripple is a no-go for me.
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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Daring to Hope -- book review

Daring to Hope is the second book from Katie Davis Majors. Her first book was Kisses from Katie. I listened to her first book as an audio book. It was so good. Kisses from Katie is basically her story or moving to Uganda and following God's calling for her. If you haven't read that book then I would recommend it. It isn't necessary to read it before reading Daring to Hope, but it will give you more of an understanding of her story and how she ended up where she is. As much as I like Katie's first book, I do think this one even better. 

Daring to Hope is more of Katie's story and also the stories of those that have come into her like. It is stories and love, hope, and faith. It is also stories of pain, heartbreak, and deep hurt. Daring to Hope is open and honest. Katie has allowed herself to raw and deep in such a beautiful way. While reading you get a sense of her deep faith and devotion to God and where her hope comes from in the midst of her everyday life, no matter what that day brings. 

This book could be enjoyed by a wide range of audience. I think both men and women would enjoy 
it. I also think that a wide range of age groups would enjoy this book. This is something that I would have enjoyed reading in my later teens and I also think my Grandma, who is 93, would enjoy reading it. Over and over while reading Katie's words I would think, "This is perfect for someone who has or is going through deep hurt or loss." For myself, I lost a good family friend very suddenly and unexpectedly recently. I was reading this book during that time and there were so many words and lines that brought me comfort. So, for myself, thank you to Katie for sharing her hope. 

Lastly, this is my final book review for Blogging for Books. They have chosen to shut down the program. I have enjoyed writing these reviews for them, it was fun while it lasted. 

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

MTN DEW ICE -- product review

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliated links. I received a free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are completely mine.

First of all, these days I do not drink very much pop. For the most part I have cut it out of my daily diet. I will occasionally have a pop when I am really craving it, when I get fast food and it comes with the meal, or when there is really good root beer involved. Secondly, I very very rarely drink MTN DEW. Now, back in the day, I was a regular, multiple times a day pop consumer. And this included just about any kind of pop.

Through Kroger's MyMagazine Sharing Network I received the opportunity to try the new MTN DEW ICE. So, I received my free sample and I did drink the whole bottle of it.
So, here is what I thought about it. Initially, I liked the taste of it. It was a crisp lemon lime flavor, much like most other citrus type sodas. Cool, crisp, and refreshing just as it should be. It does have the added bonus of caffeine (a signature of MTN DEW.) Most other citus sodas do not contain caffeine. So, it you want that extra boost, but like lemon lime pop, this is a good choice. Here is what I didn't like about it, the aftertaste. To me the aftertaste was very artificial or chemically. I'm not sure if I noticed this because I don't usually drink MTN DEW at all or because this is just how it tastes. Overall, I think if MTN DEW is your thing then give the new MT DEW ICE a try.


Monday, December 11, 2017

Kroger's New Spa Line, Facial Masks -- product review

Kroger has a new line of spa products out. As a member of the MyMagazineSharingNetwork, I was given a free sample of the facial sheet masks and under-eye care product to try. I like beauty products and don't get to pamper my self with things like face masks as much as I would like to, so I was all up to try these out.
I have now tried two of the products. First, was the Brighten Under Eye Care. These were easy to use. Just two little patches that you place under the eye area and leave on for 20 minutes. When done, peel off and pat in any leftover liquid. They felt a bit weird, but not too bad. Let's be honest, as a mom of a toddler who still doesn't sleep through the night, I can use some under eye care. I don't know that these made a huge difference, but the area under my eyes was a bit brighter or shinier after using the product. I would possibly try these again.

Next, I tried the Deep Clean Facial Sheet Mask. This was my first time using a mask like this. It was an interesting experience. I don't really know that I would be up for using another one of these. First of all it was cold on the face. That may have been nice in the summer, but in the winter, no, Second, it just felt awkward on the face. You are suppose to leave it on for 20 minutes. I lasted maybe 15, and was done. Third, I looked like something from a scary movie. Seriously. Good thing my toddler was still sleeping when I tried this out.
I don't think my skin felt any cleaner when I was done. It does fell smooth and moisturized though, that is good. Overall, not sure the facial sheet mask is for me. I think some people would enjoy it though. They are inexpensive, so it is worth a try.

There are other products available in Kroger's New Spa Line as well. I think I would really enjoy some of the other products, like the Epson salt bath soaks, or the relaxing lotion. Those sound really nice to me. I'll pass on the facial sheet mask though. #KrogerSpaLine #MyMagazineSharing

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Baby my Baby - product review

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links. I received free samples of products and coupons for products in exchange for my review. All statements and opinions are my own.

Through Kroger' program MyMagazineSharingNetwork I received a group of products and coupons for products all baby related. These products are perfect for my house considering I have a toddler and we are still in the diaper, wipes, and baby food phase. The main question they are wanting answered is this: How do you baby your baby? I've com up with some of the go to item that we use and love. I'm also including some non product related ways that I baby my baby.

We are now at a stage that we generally use the same kind of diapers on Kizzy consistently. When she was younger it didn't seem to matter as much and I went with what was on sale and what I have good coupons for. I still try to catch sales and use coupons, but we use mainly these diapers.
  • Huggies Little Movers Slip on Diapers. Kizzy doesn't like to hold still for diaper changes and these make it so much easier. 
  • Pampers Baby Dry diapers. These are great for night time. Kizzy can go all night without being changed and not have a leaky diaper. 
  • Huggies OverNights diapers. These also work well for night time diapers. 
Food is another area where we have some favorite items.
  • Similac formula. When Kizzy was on formula as her only food source we gave her Similac Advance and it worked great for her. 
  • Yogurt Dots or Yogurt Bites. My child loves these! We don't have a specific brand that we get. Gerber and Beechnut make some good ones though. They also have some that are fruit and veggie dots. We like those too. 
  • Spaghetti-Os. Maybe not the healthiest thing, but Kizzy will actually eat them. Kizzy has been very slow to eat solid foods, so any food that she will eat well is a winner for us. 
  • Food Pouches. Again, there are a lot of great choices. When Kizzy first started eating baby food I thought I would make her food myself. Well that didn't last long. Making your own is great cause you know exactly what goes into it, but sometimes convenience wins. Now days there are so many great options in the world of baby food and it is pretty affordable as well. One in particular that Kizzy seems to enjoy a lot is Kroger's Comforts for Baby Banana Blueberry and Oat food pouch. 
Other products that we love and use.

  • Johnson's Baby Shampoo with Lavender. Not only is this relaxing for evening baths, but it leaves Kizzy's hair smelling so good. 
  • Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller. Easily the most used item we bought for Kizzy. I use this stroller daily. It has held up great and it is super easy to maneuver. It is also quite affordable compared to other jogging strollers. 
Others ways that I baby my baby.

  • Plenty of play time. I believe that this is important for Kizzy's development. 
  • Daily walks. We all need the fresh air. 
  • Reading to her. I want her to have a good vocabulary and to be a reader herself. 
  • Learning and play time outside of the home. I have recently started taking Kizzy to a weekly Preschool Play time at our local library. Look into your local libraries to see what activities they offer. 
  • Plenty of snuggle time. Kizzy is a snuggle baby and she gets plenty of snuggles every day.
So, there are just a few of the ways that I Baby my Baby.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

He Calls You Beautiful -- book review

Let's be honest, the Song of Songs (or Song of Solomon) is not my go to book of the Bible to read very often. In fact the only time I usually read the SOS is when I am reading through the whole Bible. So, a book that is based on the SOS intrigued me from the start; just cause I wanted to know how the author would interprets the SOS. The SOS is one of those books in the Bible that we don't often hear preached or taught on. When it is talked about, it often either focuses on being a representation of Christ and the church or as a love story with the focus on marriage. There is nothing wrong with those applications, but it can cause some confusion when you hear both sides and don't know which is right. I appreciate Dee Brestin, the author of He Calls You Beautiful, because she takes the approach that it is both. The SOS is a book of poetry, and just like all poetry it can have multiple applications.

It is obvious that Brestin has done her research and studied the SOS. With that said, this book doesn't come across as just facts and information, i.e. textbook style. Brestin does a descent job intertwining information and personal story. I will say, at times I felt there could have been more written on the explanation or information side of things. There were definitely points where I thought this was lacking. Although, she does recommend reading the SOS along with the book. I did not do that and it may have helped some things make more sense. If you are wanting a deep theological study of the SOS then this is probably not the book for that. If you are wanting a book directed toward women with a focus on the SOS then this book is a good choice.

A benefit of this book is that it is designed to have a study and reflection part built into the book. There is a Q&A section at the end o each chapter. You can certainly do this on your own for a personal study, or you could use it in a small group setting. There are some additional guides at the back of the book for someone to use to facilitate a small group setting. Brestin also has some additional resources available on her website to use along with the study portions. There are video clips to correspond with each chapter in the book.