Saturday, September 13, 2014

Economics, Politics, and Religion, Oh My! Godonomics - book review

In Godonomics, Chad Hovind digs into what many would consider subjects that shouldn’t be combined: economics, politics, and religion. From a biblical perspective all of those things should go together. Hovind isn’t afraid to broach these topics. In this book he takes a look at several different economists and philosophers that have impact the economics of our country. Each section of the book is devoted to a look at a different person of economic influence. Hovind then reflects on the economic philosophy of each person, how they have had an impact on America’s economics, and what a biblical response to them would be. It isn’t until the last section of the Godonomics that he focuses solely on what God’s Word says about how to handle your own finances and what you can do to affect the American economy.

Godonomics is more of a look at economic philosophy than it is a guide to managing your finances according to the Bible. So, if you are looking for more of a Dave Ramsey esque book, this isn’t it. In fact, the only part of the book that is really a personal financial guide is the last section and the short discussion guide that has been included in the back. Throughout the books there are Biblical truths of finance that are brought up, mainly in opposition the philosophy of whoever is being discussed. Then there might be some more discussion of that Biblical truth for a bit, but that isn’t what the book is mainly comprised of. I thought that there would be more Scriptural references and more discussion of the biblical principles of finance. Godonomics includes those things, but not as much as it could have.  

If you are interested in economic, or want to take a look at America’s economics through a biblical perspective, then this would be a good read for that. Chad Hovind may be a pastor, but clearly he has done his research on this topic. That fact that this is something that is very important to him shows in the writing. Don’t let the fact that it is about economics and philosophy scare you away from reading it. I am generally not a reader of either of those subjects and I was able to follow along with the book just fine.

I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Front Door Paint Job

Summer has flown by and with it went all the time and plans that I had for summer projects. Finally, I managed to at least get the front door repainted. The door was in good shape, but I wasn't fond of the color. Just wanted something more fun and  wanted it to match the blue accent color I picked for the house. So, I went from this......  

to this......

 Now the door matches the flower pot tower. The paint color is from Walmart and it is called Deep Heliotrope. It looks like it is a bright royal blue when the sunlight is on it, but when it is in the shade it is more of a darker true blue. Sometimes it even looks a little purple. Much more fun than the dark green door. Along with the paint job for the door, I freshened up the house number and the porch light with a coat of spray-paint.
Really simple and quick project that just makes everything look a little more put together. Also, If you don't have money to change out what you have for what you want, this is a great way to make it work. Here are the simple steps that I took:

  1. Remove whatever you can and lay it out on newspaper, cardboard, or something that you can spray paint on. I was able to take the house numbers off and the top part of the light fixture. 
  2. Clean off the dirt and cobwebs. 
  3. Tape off anything that you don't want painted. In my case, I taped off around the light fixture and then taped sheets of newspaper around it so that I wouldn't spray paint  the windows or siding. 
  4. Give everything a coat or  two of spray paint. I used Krylon Fussion in a dark grey metal hammered finish. 
  5. Let it dry completely and then put everything back together. 
This small project was pretty quick and I was able to do it while letting coats of paint dry on the door. Speaking of the door, here is how that was done. 
  1. Clean the door. 
  2. Fill any dents or cracks. I used an outdoor caulking to seal around the frame of the window because there were some cracks in it. 
  3. Tape off everything that you don't want painted. The proper way to paint a door would be to remove it and all the hardware. I am too lazy for all that. So, I just taped off what I didn't want painted. 
  4. You may want to lightly sand the door so that the paint adheres to it really well. (I didn't do this, we will see if that was a smart step to skip or not.)
  5. Apply a layer of outdoor paint primer and let it dry completely.
  6. Apply a coat or two of an outdoor paint. I used a flat finish paint cause that I what I had on hand, but a semi gloss finish is really nice and easier to clean. 
    When painting a door it is important to paint it correctly to avoid streaks or drips. Here is a graphic that I saw on Pinterest that was super helpful.
There you have it, a new fun blue door. So, simple that I even made dinner in between coats of paint. And there I am in the reflection of the storm door.