Saturday, June 6, 2015

Old Crate Turned Flower Box / Hose Holder

I am not sure where May went, but time is flying by. Several weeks ago I did manage to plant all my flowers and the garden. Last year I made my Flower Towers. The 3 Pot one is in use again this year, but the Topsy Turvy one had to be disassembled, as the support pole didn't make it through the winter :( . Still using the pots. They are just sitting on the sides of the steps to the front door. This year I was inspired to come up with another new planter too.

This one was super simple and I used stuff that I already had. The only items that I had to purchase were the potting soil and flowers. Here is my Old Crate Flower Box / Hose Holder.

We had this old crate in our garage, it came with the house, and it wasn't being used for anything. It has a lid with broken hinges, so I just left it on there and leave it open, but I could close the top when summer is over.

Now, I didn't want to fill the entire thing with potting soil. First of all, it would be super heavy and I wouldn't be able to move it on my own if needed. Second, I didn't want to use that much potting soil. And lastly, I didn't think I had enough flowers left to fill the entire thing. So, I found an empty plastic container. Actually it is an old kitty litter box that someone gave us. I put the tray that a flat of flowers comes in underneath it so that it would sit up higher. With the empty space leftover, I coiled up the hose and put it in there to keep that out of the way. Really simple and easy.